Travel Diary – Hong Kong & China

I consider myself very fortunate & blessed to be able to travel to some of the most wonderful places on earth. This March, I ventured to Hong Kong & China with my mom. People usually ask how long it takes to get there. Well it depends on the routes you take. We headed to Miami... Continue Reading →


Coconut Oil Magic

I can't seem to end my worship of coconut oil & what it does for me. If you suffer with uneven skin pigmentation, dryness, irritation, small bumps, uneven texture & yes even acne here is great news for you! I suffer with acne. I write about my my daytime & nighttime routines describing why I... Continue Reading →

Hannah Welcome To Your Tape

I watched the whole season & I am reeling from the emotions. I cannot pull myself together yet so I had to write about this! Spoiler Alert if you haven't seen it before... I don't know if its just me but the first few emotions I had were: I like Clay - he's a decent... Continue Reading →

Discrimination is for everyone

I'm usually embarrassed to talk about this subject because I know a lot of people have it worse. The reason I decided to bring it up today is because I've noticed its something I have to deal with almost every week. If you don't know me, I'm of East Indian decent but I was born &... Continue Reading →

Put on your mask first

It's a line we always hear during the safety briefings at the beginning of a flight. While you hear about oxygen masks, you will always be told to put your own mask on before helping others. Why is this important? It never made sense to me before why they would always say this. How can... Continue Reading →

Doctor Strange…Indeed

A great movie can always get my soul to turn. Sounds dramatic I know but we are talking about the movies here. I am not someone that likes to just pick a movie & start randomly watching it. If I'm going to sit down for 2+ hours I want to be either entertained or enlightened... Continue Reading →

Hinduism is not a religion

It's a bold statement, but its I'll explain. Growing up in the Caribbean was never easy. I belonged to a culture & religion that I could barely explain to anyone & that's because no one was able to explain it to me! That's where my mental anguish started with my "religion". At a very... Continue Reading →

Are your breakouts worse in cooler months?

If you suffer with acne, breakouts, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads - do you find your skin is at its worst in the cooler months? I'm on a tropical island so we don't have a winter, but from December til about March it's cooler than it usually is from the rest of the year. I definitely struggle... Continue Reading →

Single Tasking

In a world where everything is fast paced & everyone is constantly on the go, how do we stay sane & achieve goals? The distractions are endless. Social media, the news, politics, people telling you what you should be doing etc needs to be filtered out. I don't know about you but for me, I've... Continue Reading →

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