Hannah Welcome To Your Tape

I watched the whole season & I am reeling from the emotions. I cannot pull myself together yet so I had to write about this! Spoiler Alert if you haven't seen it before... I don't know if its just me but the first few emotions I had were: I like Clay - he's a decent... Continue Reading →


Single Tasking

In a world where everything is fast paced & everyone is constantly on the go, how do we stay sane & achieve goals? The distractions are endless. Social media, the news, politics, people telling you what you should be doing etc needs to be filtered out. I don't know about you but for me, I've... Continue Reading →

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can be a relationship you share with any other person. The most toxic ones we always hear about are between a male & female (male & male or female & female) in a romantic relationship. They are widely publicized and there are endless case studies, articles, help, support groups for persons going through... Continue Reading →

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